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How to do dishes

How can you do dishes in a way you won't get bored and feel like giving up?

Doing dishes for most people, including me, is trivial and unrewarding. It does not provide us a lot of pleasure. It appears to be meaningless and feels like a chore.

However, imagine if you could learn to focus on the moment. Enjoying the sound of the water splashing out of the faucet. Feeling the bubbly textures of the soap on the sponge. Rubbing off the sticky grease on the dishes and seeing them shiny and squeaky clean.

If you slow yourself down to maximize the pleasure of participating in a perceived meaningless activity full heartedly and without resentment, you can store up that pleasure you reap from the NOW in order to repeat that same activity tomorrow.

But if you focus on the endless repetition of the same boring activity for eternity, you will be in the state of despair and lose the motivation to do the dishes.

The practice of that "living in the moment" attitude can turn despair into fulfillment. It is not in our nature to think like that, and requires constant reminder and practice.

We can apply the concept of doing dishes to all the activities we see as trivial, repetitive and boring.


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